Wrongful Convictions

One of the most tragic and disgusting aspects of our criminal justice system, a story we rarely hear about or that perhaps does not affect us directly, are the thousands and thousands of victims of wrongful conviction!

One of the CHIEF MISSIONS of CALFIJA is to bring about heightened awareness of this epidemic across the nation and here in California!

Not only public awareness, as this is very important, CALFIJA will be devoting resources to outreach, public speaking, sponsoring victims who have been exonerated to help in all efforts to bring about not only awareness but also REFORMS!

During the 1980’s through 2015 the so-called “War on Drugs” incarcerated millions of people, many who were framed with planted evidence and false testimony. Sadly, little has been done to REFORM a corrupt system that continues to allow such madness to continue.

Educating potential jurors about the hazards of their verdict in convicting an innocent man or woman is only part of our mission. Educating potential jurors about how police silence witnesses that could exonerate an accused, investigators who pressure witness testimony that is false, prosecutors who suborn perjury and cover up evidence that would exonerate the defendant and judges who sit in judgment and silence and do NOTHING.

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As we work to develop our campaigns we will keep you informed on how you can help CALFIJA free innocent victims of the JUST US system that has failed!

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