June 3, 2021                                                                                        

The California Fully Informed Jury Association is proud to provide you, the reader, with this list of Reforms we are advocating for in California. We look forward to your continued support to our efforts and mission to bring about real reforms within the criminal justice system throughout the entire State of California.

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James Harnsberger,

State Director



  • Wrongfully convicted victims Right to Jury Trial for Damages
  • Remove Absolute Immunity for Prosecutors engaged in misconduct
  • Remove Immunity for Cops, and Investigators found to violate rights of accused
  • Stop purging Black and Hispanic jurors in criminal trials
  • Standing Grand Jury to investigate prosecutorial misconduct in criminal cases
  • Post Conviction Review Board to fully review last five years convictions of D.A.
  • Jury Commissioner to be elected at-large by voters (end judge appointments)
  • Grand jury investigation of Office of Jury Commissioner practices
  • Expand the jury pool, provide day-care services, increase jury compensation
  • Expand impeachment of judges who are found to engage in judicial misconduct
  • Disbar Assistant D.A./City Attorneys who are found to engage in misconduct
  • Legislation enacted to mandate reforms on Qualified Immunity Claims

We felt that 12 reforms would be a nice round number like 12 jurors and while we have many more we would like to see, this list is a great start at where our efforts and be aimed in the interim.

One of the most basic reforms for those wrongfully convicted would be mandating the victim has a right to jury trial for damages that could be treble if a jury finds the wrongful conviction was a direct and proximate result of prosecutorial or police misconduct. No qualified or absolute immunity and serious financial consequences should be the least a victim could have available if they were exonerated and there is a finding by a jury the conviction was directly related to any misconduct by the government or courts.

The current climate inside the justice system at-large is to end the jury system or worse yet go to professional juries.

There is so much wrong with our current system it is almost impossible to find a starting line. However, start we have! CALFIJA is dedicated to educating every citizen of the raw power inherent within every juror in a criminal proceeding.


CAL-FIJA as a Public Benefit Education nonprofit may not lobby for political candidates or ballot measures or lobby for legislation.

However CAL-FIJA CAN support public awareness and public education about certain legislative initiatives in the California Assembly and Senate. We encourage you to read and understand these important reforms and that you would join CAL-FIJA in its support to educate every community on these important reforms.

California Senate Bills that CAL-FIJA endorses and supports public education and awareness about these legislative initiatives in the California Senate.



California Assembly Bill that CAL-FIJA endorses and supports public education and awareness about these legislative initiatives in the California Assembly.




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