Non-Profit Donations

At CAL-FIJA we are in full gear now as we have obtained our IRS Non-Profit Status under IRS Section 501(c)(3) as a tax Exempt non profit organization. 

Your generous donations are a tax deductible donation under IRSRules.

Our Expanded goals are to now create a unique Membership program.

CAL-FIJA Memberships will be targeted from donations for our direct marketing, and our Public Outreach Education Campaigns. 

In addition we will be announcing a unique opportunity to help on cases we have adopted (JERMAINE SMOTHERS).

All work is performed 100% on volunteer efforts and no salaries are paid to any CAL-FIJA Officer, Director or Volunteer; 100% of your donations go to the cause of educating every citizen about Jury Nullification.Thank you for your continued support to this vital mission of CAL-FIJA

Watch for information on HOW TO MAKE DONATIONS COMING SOON

James Harnsberger,California State DirectorCAL-FIJA

CAL-FIJA 501(C)(3)



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