The California Fully Informed Jury Association was formed in part, to address and become another voice calling for immediate and meaningful reforms in policing, investigating, and prosecuting crimes where those sworn to uphold or enforce the laws we live under, violate the rights of an accused.


With the United States leading the world in incarcerations and disproportionally for Black and Hispanic citizens, we as a society have lost faith and trust in these institutions. What is more troubling are the racist practices in jury selection at how rampant these practices are to purge minorities from trial juries in criminal cases.

We can hardly go a few days without another story or video showing a victim of wrongful conviction in large part due to the failed policing, prosecution and conviction of innocent men and women going back decades in America.

CALFIJA will be a voice for wrongfully convicted men and women who are the victims of a criminal justice system that has failed and continues to remain an abject failure to allow such tragedy to exist.


Throughout California and virtually every other state in this country, countless thousands of examples can be found where the trial jury system is flawed, broken, and in which men and women of color are routinely purged from the jury pool or excluded from participating in a criminal trial solely on the race-bias of prosecutors who assert preemptory challenges that are based on race, and race alone.

CALFIJA will be a voice for reforms in California and hopefully the nation to create a foundation of reforms in the criminal jury system and end the race bias that continues to add to the reason we have so many wrongfully convicted victims incarcerated in prison.

Our public awareness and outreach will spare no expense or time and energy to touch every community in the entire state to educate every citizen and every person of color about the power and need to serve on a jury and the power of jury nullification with its rich history when bad laws, and bad people who enforce these laws target African-American, Hispanic, Asian, LGBTQ, and other protected classes who are routinely excluded from the jury.

Our Mission is clear! Be a voice for civil rights!

Stop police brutality and misconduct and reform the entire criminal justice system inside and out. We are primarily engaged in public education of the power a juror holds in a criminal trial. Regardless of what instructions may be given, there is nothing that prevents a single juror from acquitting any defendant based on their belief the laws are wrong, or they are being applied wrongfully! We only need look at the tens of thousands of exonerations of wrongfully convicted victims of a judicial system that is fully out of control and an abject failure to the citizens of every community.

As a Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, CAL-FIJA is dedicated to the education of the public at-large on the history, and the need for Jury Nullification as a check against an abusive system that refuses to be reformed. We can no longer trust the word of elected officials who simply have no real interest in reforming the justice system.

We can no longer trust that police will testify truthfully. Thousands of examples of police planting evidence, filing false police reports leading to false charges being filed and incarcerating tens of thousands of innocent men and women is NOT an Equal Justice System!

As we grow we need your support to spread the word and educate everyone you know of this raw power to nullify ANY law in any criminal trial when you sit on a jury! We all must stop wrongful convictions before they begin and educate every citizen of the tragedy of each victim who serves any time in jail for a crime they did not commit.

The failure of those entrusted to protect and defend our rights are being violated by the very same people who take an oath! How do you give an innocent victim back 10, 15, 36 years of their life for a wrongful conviction! Compensation, the right to sue, and mandates that allow race bias juries to be a ground for appeal are but a few of the many steps California must take as well the nation as a whole.





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