Educating the public on the role of trial juror, jury nullification, police and prosecutorial misconduct, and excessive force false arrest cases by police.

Our primary focus remains awareness of the Wrongfully Convicted and Trial Jury Reforms within California.


CAL-FIJA is dedicated to the education of the public regarding the continued crisis of police abuse, false arrests, wrongful convictions, prosecutorial misconduct, and that a juror has the right and/or power to decide both the law and the facts.

For more than four decades San Diego County like many areas around the nation, has become a community where policing has turned into blatant violations of civil rights. Moreover, the racist practices from purging Black and Hispanic minorities from the jury in a criminal trial, to investigators who lie, police who file false reports or plant evidence on a defendant, to prosecutors who aid and abet in the concealment of these crimes or withhold critical evidence that would exonerate an accused defendant, the entire system is an abject failure.

Our organization is one of many voices in the Modern Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century. Equal justice for all is NOT what we can expect from the current system. We must use our power in the jury box to nullify laws in cases where we believe the cops, investigators, and prosecutors are guilty of misconduct.

No criminal justice system that has failed this much is entitled to any citizen upholding any criminal law when we continue to see flagrant violations of civil rights, constitutional protections, and police abuse. Our community must fight back and refuse to convict in criminal trials where you, perhaps the lone juror stand alone and vote NOT GUILTY to a corrupt system that targets minorities and abuses every citizen with these tactics.

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